New Trade Desk Partnership

Updated - 3-25-2022

What is Trade Desk?

Trade Desk is an ad exchange that leverages ad buys across various networks including but not limited to: Google, Facebook, Mobile, Cross-Device advertising, Cable TV, Streaming TV, Display, Video, Retargeting, and many other channels that standard ad platforms are limited in reach.

On Trade Desk clients must have a budget of $100,000+ per month in order to deal with Trade Desk and run ads direct through their platform.

What is the Benefit?

On new client campaigns over the past 3 months we have seen the cost of advertising decrease by 4x to 5x's the amount that clients are currently paying on other platforms like Google Ads.

On Trade Desk you can also show your ads up to 8x to 10x's longer, from anywhere from 1/3rd to 1/16th the budget that clients currently run on other conventional ad platforms.

How Does it Work?

Currently we are helping clients integrate Trade Desk to build new Display, CTV, Video, and Website Retargeting campaigns.

This is how Trade Desk Operates. Purchase your ads in advance for the month. Get a 70 to 80% Discount on your ads. Buy 80% of the ad space for 20 cents on the dollar. Show your ads for 8x to 10x's longer than your competitors can on the same budget.