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Volusion is one of the top e-commerce solutions for businesses looking for a quick way to get their online store setup. They have reasonable prices, good support, and the templates are decent for webmasters that don’t have a ton of experience. However, when you’re ready to start scaling up your site, you’ll start running into issues with Volusion pretty quickly from what our clients’ have seen time and time again.

Volusion To Shopify Migrations
Volusion to Shopify Migrations

The issue with Volusion is that the source code isn’t very accessible. This means that you get stuck with the basic features that Volustion has to offer. This is why people start considering moving from Volusion to Shopify. Volusion to Shopify migrations are the next logical step if you’re ready to scale up and bring in more customers to your online store.

As with any migration, you want to make sure that your customer data is preserved. To make sure everything goes well when you migrate Volusion to Shopify, you’ll want to start by Creating a Shopify store.

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While Shopify does have costs associated, they’re all-inclusive for the most part compared to other e-commerce platforms. Unlike many e-commerce solutions, Shopify doesn’t have a bunch of hidden fees that will hit you later on. This does not include any apps, so make sure that you look at any and all apps that you would like to install in order to be setup for success. Shopify also has an impressive array of themes to fit your business’ style and brand.

If this all feels a little too over your head, or something you’d prefer not to have to handle yourself, hiring professionals to help you migrate your online store can take a lot of headaches out of the whole experience. Migrating from Volusion to Shopify can be a painless experience with a bit of expert help. We’ll make sure that you get your products, customer data, and orders migrated over in one seamless transition.

Migrations can be a headache both for business owners and for their customers, so it’s essential to do everything that you can to make the experience as seamless as possible, with little to no errors or glitches that may risk scarring your customers away.

If you are looking to migrate from Volusion to Shopify and would love to hear from one of our Friendly, US-based, English speaking experts, I have to say that these days, then call us at (303) 634-2282 or simply submit your project info below and we will contact you just as soon as we can.

We have been Shopify Experts and Partners for 9 years; and we know the ins and outs of very technical, difficult, and custom migrations. So if you are in fear of losing your SEO, keyword rankings, and sales-basis, then we are your peeps 🙂


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