How to Market your Women’s Cosmetics Shopify Store to Google

The fashion industry is on an upswing, thanks largely to the beauty influencer community on social media. They introduce audiences to lesser-known brands, new products, and keep their customers interested in all things related to beauty. This is the right time to open a women’s cosmetics Shopify store because there’s a demand for them in the market. Here are some on-site optimizations and SEO tips that can help business owners compete with other players in the market.

1. Branding 

Customers in this industry are quite brand-conscious and will only spend their money in a store that has superior branding in place. Therefore, business owners need to invest in logo design, brand message, taglines, etc, to develop a good reputation in this industry.

2. Graphics and Looks

The cosmetics industry focuses on aesthetic appeal and design so your website should look sharp and sophisticated. Shopify offers a large number of free and premium themes that can fit into different industries and style preferences. Business owners can also get custom themes if they want their website to look unique and interesting.

3. Content and Keywords

The website content will have an impact on the visitors and will influence their purchase decisions. Poorly written content on product pages, home pages, landing pages, etc., can drive prospective customers away and damage the brand’s reputation. The content should be well-written with strategically included keywords relevant to the industry. The content should also be revised regularly to ensure the website remains current and up-to-date.

4. CTA Buttons

Poor quality CTA buttons are often the reason for low conversion rates on cosmetics websites. The CTA buttons should be bright and visible so it immediately catches the visitor’s eye and encourages them to make a purchase.

With these tips, an entrepreneur can draw a larger audience and get better visibility on the search engines. For more info make sure to bookmark this page including our blog to get more strategic fashion and cosmetic tips for your Shopify over time. Need help? Drop us a line.

Article: “How to Market your Women’s Cosmetics Shopify Store to Google


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