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You create an online store to grow your business, but there’s nothing more disappointing than getting setup on an ecommerce platform only to watch your sales stay flat. Unfortunately, online sales do not exist under the concept of: “if you build it, they will come”. For your online store to succeed, your customers need to find your store first, and this is done through good Shopify SEO optimization.

Shopify SEO
Shopify SEO Experts – Hiring the Right SEO Team is Important

Good SEO bumps your page up the rankings on search engines, making it more likely that prospective customers are going to find your store and make a purchase. However, SEO can be complicated, especially if it’s not something you’re used to. This is why it’s so beneficial to team up with Shopify SEO experts who can take your online store from a flat line to a powerhouse.

Our Shopify SEO experts will work with you to create a fully optimized ecommerce website that will use proper SEO techniques to boost your store’s rankings. Don’t buy into companies offering to pump up your rankings through buying links, link schemes, and link farms. This will only end up with your site being D-listed from Google when these black hat tactics are eventually discovered. Instead, proper and ethical SEO techniques will mean that your search engine rankings can be maintained over-time and that your company will continue to make consistent sales from the biggest search engine in the US. Google commands 80% or more of all US-based searches.

Google Search Commands 80% of US Searches

There are a few places where your SEO rankings will organically benefit, and this is from content, a user-friendly interface, and responsive design. These three elements are hugely important for increasing your ecommerce site’s success.

Fresh, relevant content is something that’s hard to fake, but working with Shopify SEO experts will give you the best chance of accomplishing your goal by helping you create relevant content or helping you team up with writers that can create great content for you.

Content is One of the Most Important Pieces to SEO

A user-friendly interface is common sense, but is something plenty of sites are lacking in. Don’t make it harder for your customers to buy from you! Your Shopify store should be designed so that customers can easily find what they are looking for to even the most technically unskilled customers. Industry experts and designers focus heavily on UI/UX (design / user experience) which also impacts your SEO. So make sure that your site is easy to use, navigate, and is fun and interactive for your customers.

Finally, the web is going mobile; and you need to work with Shopify SEO experts who have a “mobile first” design practice. What this means is that your site will be built to mobile standards, and will look good and respond correctly on any platform.

Have Your Web Designer Develop with Mobile First in Mind

From here, you’re better positioned to start seeing more traffic and sales to your Shopify store; and well on your way to creating a store that will be around for time to come.