Shopify Branding

As bizarre as it might sound, many businesses tend to devalue branding.

It is far from being a logo, a website, or an advertisement.

Branding is your company identity translated through a visual medium.

You have heard the saying "that a picture is worth a thousand words". The reason this is true is that a visual format is far easier to digest as opposed to content. When was the last time that you bought a magazine before you caught your plane? Did you initially notice a magazine based off the picture on the front cover and then read about the content second? The human mind simply can not help but be visual first.

The most successful brands don’t even have to mention their names.

In fact, most of the time the first 2 seconds of an ad will be enough for you to realize which brand it is. Look at Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Louis Vuitton, BMW, and Nike among many others. On McDonald's TV commercials they usually wait until the end to show you their logo or to play their music jingle. Also, look at the Nike advertisement down below.

The whole focus of the Ad is on the athlete, and then the logo as a small subliminal reminder. Notice how the picture and Ad read from left to right, this is exactly how people in the United States read. Visual first, Ad text and branding last. Concurrently, the simplicity of the Ad also make the Advertisement extremely powerful and eye-catching.

At Constructive Roots, we focus on delivering your brand’s message to the target market in a clear and exciting fashion. We also give great emphasis on establishing your brand’s credibility within your target customer-base, and we motivate the target market to buy your product or service.


Chances are that whatever you are offering is already being offered by someone else.

Even offering lower prices does not guarantee success over a competitor.

So what do you do?

You have to work on building and maintaining your Shopify branding.

We specialize in digging into the roots of your brand’s strengths, and we make sure that those are clearly and strongly emphasized when reaching the target market. We will analyze the feedback that we receive from these customers and identify growth opportunities without hindering the stability of the brand.

Let us help you Build your Shopify Brand Today!

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