Constructive Roots – Shopify Social Media Marketing

Is there any media outlet that has made more hype during the last few years than Social Media?


Think of the viral videos, Facebook Likes, Tweets, and Instagram followers. People view their social media accounts multiple times each day, searching for posts, pictures, and businesses that they actively follow. In other words, social media is a marketing medium where you can find your most loyal and engaged customers.



About 10-15 years ago, companies had to go door-to-door to reach their target market while also participating in trade shows, conferences, expos, and community fairs. Today, you can reach millions of people through leveraging social media as a marketing medium. By reaching them on their own terms, customers are happy when they see your brand.  If you own a business, you must have some sort of social media activity in order to fully utilize the amazing opportunities that can help expand your business. 

Constructive Roots will get to the core of your brand’s values, needs, and target market. We will analyze exactly which type of customers should be targeted, so that we can reach the most qualified leads. We will do what we do best – get into your company’s shoes and work on your social media accounts as if they were our own.


Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Promoting your brand’s values through unique content
  • Social Media management services
  • Analytic and performance reports
  • Fully-customized and unique Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts
  • Facebook Ad campaign management
  • Assigned representatives who will work on your brand’s Social Media strategy with you