How to Create a Legitimate Brand

Branding is sometimes too simplified.

This blog post is to show our Shopify users how vital branding is.

For starters let’s look at two websites:

  1. 5th Gear PartsPoorly Branded Website
  2. Cacique BoutiqueWell Branded Website

These two websites above are client websites. One is branded well, while the other site is not branded very well at all. Disclaimer: We helped 5th Gear Parts with a migration from another platform to Shopify including 301 Redirects. We did not help 5th Gear Parts with branding.

In other words great branding means that your website should look clean and congruent across your:  website, social media, email footers, and any written correspondence between you and your customers.

Let’s take a look at a KickStarter purchase that I just made as another example:

I consider this product to be a well branded product from start to finish. Number one, the Exploding Kittens Kickstarter page is extremely well branded in terms of:  colors, design, video design, rewards, shipping, and fulfillment. Let me show you some actual pictures of this product once I received it in the mail just last week:

  • Packaging – Packing is so often forgotten during the branding process. Make sure that your product un-boxing is an incredible experience!


Personalized Invoicing & Un-Boxing Experience

Exploding Kittens Product Unboxing

Branded Customer Invoicing

There are other ways that you can create a legitimate brand appearance.

One of these resources is a company called FreshBooks. If you are a new Shopify Plus store owner and you are looking to solidify your brand you will absolutely love FreshBooks.

Remember, the most crucial aspect to the branding process is congruence across all of your email signatures, invoices, social media, etc. As the initial stages of developing a brand can be scary, FreshBooks also has time/expense tracking and invoicing features that are extremely beneficial to new Shopify Plus store owners if you are just starting out.

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Martin is a Shopify Expert, a Bigcommerce Partner, and a Trust Radius author on all things internet marketing in the E-commerce industry. He has worked with Ford, eBay, Amazon, and Channel Advisor on client projects. Transparency, trust, and supporting entrepreneurs are what makes Martin truly passionate about his craft. He also likes good food, wine, and skateboarding.


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