How Big is the Pet Industry in the US in 2016?

How Big is the Pet Industry in the US in 2016?

How Big is the Pet Industry in the US in 2016?

We have had a couple of clients’ ask us this question over the past week; and this is what we have found. The pet industry is projected to be a $18.5 billion dollar industry in 2016 with a profit of $1.4 billion dollars. These statistics are drawn from the official IBIS World report. If you are an online pet store, or a small mom and pop shop and you are in need of SEO, SEM, PPC, or local marketing. Please make sure to request a Free Website Analysis from us so that you will be informed, be able to make strategic marketing decisions, and grow your current marketing efforts online. Also, make sure to check out our home page for more info about our Shopify SEO services, industry research, business strategy, creative marketing, and much more.

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