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Top 4 Things to Look for in a Denver Shopify Developer

Denver is such an awesome city. It has really grown at such a fast pace over the years. Well here we are now and it's 2020 and so many changes have occurred on the Shopify platform that it's mind-boggling. Here is our personal list on the Top 4 Things that you should look for in a Denver Shopify developer for your next dev project.

1. Reviews 

This is a pretty straight-forward piece, but you would be surprised how many clients' have come to us over the past 4-5 years that did not do their due diligence prior to hiring an agency. We're talking tens of thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain with not much to show for it. Please for the love of your soul, check an agencies reviews on Google, Shopify Services, Yelp, and Facebook prior to signing any contract. 

2. References 

These might be a little trickier to get, as clients sometimes ask of these for our business, but it does not hurt to ask. We recieve 3-4 inquiries per day from new customers; and we prefer to not constantly hand out our clients' emails or phone numbers without their permission. However, if your project is on the more expensive side we are happy to provide them. We also provide them if it is a make or break in signing on with us or not. Either way, we try to give you the most info that we can so that you can feel at ease when hiring our team for your Shopify development project. We also offer custom Shopify app development if you are in need of any custom functionality not directly provided by either Shopify or the App Store. 

3. Specialize  

Many clients don't understand the importance of experts these days as many web agencies offer a plethura of services but they might not specialize or be an expert on the platform that you are wanting to develop your new Shopify store on. So make sure to ask what each agency specializes in prior to hiring an agency to work on your Shopify site. For example, sometimes agencies focus only on dev and web design. Same applies for branding. Sometimes agencies just specialize in marketing, so just make sure to gague the level of expertice of the Shopify developer that you are looking to hire. In other words, if you are looking to make a hole-in-one, then make sure that you are hiring an expert that has made one before. 🏌️⛳ 👍 = completed website or app vs. no end product.

4. Experience 

We have been in business for 10+ years now; and we have the best Shopify development team that we have ever had thus far. Chance heads our development team; and he recently completed a development project for Doritos®. Sam and Lenny are also on our development team; and they are super friendly and are all easy-going, top-notch, and awesome to work with. They are all really smart and talented Shopify developers. We even have some custom apps that are currently on the Shopify App Store that are public apps, along with some private Shopify apps for clients.

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