Blogging on Shopify – Best Practices for 2017

Blogging on Shopify

Several years ago, Bill Gates declared Content was King. This was before the era of blogging and information overload. Despite the intense competition in the industry, content is still king and will still bring organic traffic to your website. Many business owners and entrepreneurs ignore the importance of blogging and miss out on the doors it can open. Every business website should have a functional and informative blog and here are some best practices that will help you start and run a great blog with Shopify in 2017.

1. Choose Topics Carefully

The Internet is saturated with information so it’s not easy to find a unique and interesting topic that will draw readers to your blog. Successful topics always answer an urgent customer question or provide them with new information. You can find the right topics in social media or discussion forums. You can also read comments on your previous blogs and address any questions your readers might have asked in them. You should stick with the topic in your niche industry and research the answer to these questions well before you post the blog.

2. Long Form Content

In the early days of SEO, content creators would just stuff a number of keywords in a 200 to 500-word piece and call it a day. That worked well-enough then but such blogs aren’t successful today. You need to create and publish long form content with an average of 1,000 to 1,200 words of well-researched and written information. Such pieces will increase your blog’s credibility and ensure your target audiences gain something substantial from it.

3. Incorporating Different Mediums

Your blog should contain content in different forms to keep your audiences engaged and interested. You can include written content, infographics, pictures, videos, podcasts, and other such pieces to offer variety.

These steps will help you ensure that your blog has great content and draws attention from a large number of audiences.

Martin is a Shopify Expert, a Bigcommerce Partner, and a Trust Radius author on all things internet marketing in the E-commerce industry. He has worked with Ford, eBay, Amazon, and Channel Advisor on client projects. Transparency, trust, and supporting entrepreneurs are what makes Martin truly passionate about his craft. He also likes good food, wine, and skateboarding.


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