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From choosing your company logo, to choosing color schemes that fit your business, we will help you out every step of the way.

You can have the best products in the market, have optimized on SEO and online marketing strategies; however, having a brand name that is recognizable, memorable and resonates with your target market is essential to boosting your sales and your customer perception. Creating a convenient, consistent and compelling customer experience will lead to higher conversion rates due to increased word of mouth recommendations by customers who have visited your site. Research shows that customers will trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising, thus capture your customers attention, give them a quality product, and you will have them coming back with a friend.

What Does Branding Involve

Branding goes from your company name to the color scheme and layout of your site and the ease of navigation of your site. For upcoming businesses, branding may seem like a tedious job but with our Bigcommerce branding experts, your business will stand out from your major competitors.

Having a custom brand usually involves contracting a web designer, and a web developer to create the website to the look and feel that you want. And though this sounds good, it means increased costs and increased the time to launch your site, which may be hard for upcoming businesses. Using our Bigcommerce branding specialists to brand your website is an easier and more affordable option in comparison to other web agencies. We are Bigcommerce Partners since 2010; and we have worked with many start-ups and big brands that are true success stories. Make sure to ask to see our current portfolio of brands that we have created.

Professional E-commerce Website Designs on the Cheap

We work with off-the-shelf web designers that have web designs that you can buy that other major brands are already using on their websites. When you work with the Root Branding team, we can design a Bigcommerce site for your brand that compete in design with any other major big box brand name websites.

With our Bigcommerce branding experts, you get to choose the website template that you want from a selection of professional templates to choose from. Each of these templates allows you to customize your website to look and feel just the way you want it to without the high costs that other web development agencies usually charge. We pride ourselves on being affordable and effective for businesses at any stage of growth and development.

Sometimes increasing your brand image means being associated with big well-known brands. Bigcommerce allows you to ride on big brands such as eBay, Yahoo, Google and Facebook to increase your brands image; it does this by enabling you to publish content on these platforms using the Marketing Tab and allows you to sell on different platforms.

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Martin is a Shopify Expert, a Bigcommerce Partner, and a Trust Radius author on all things internet marketing in the E-commerce industry. He has worked with Ford, eBay, Amazon, and Channel Advisor on client projects. Transparency, trust, and supporting entrepreneurs are what makes Martin truly passionate about his craft. He also likes good food, wine, and skateboarding.


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