Constructive Roots – Shopify SEO Success Stories

Shopify SEO Success Stories

Brian - Little Bay Root

"We learned a great amount while working with Martin. We felt like his insight was very helpful. Through his SEO work, we were able to improve our page ranking through google. We want to thank Martin for all the work he put into our site and company."

Donald - 5th Gear Parts

"Martin and his crew are amazing!! Last winter I upgraded from my old web site to a brand new Shopify web store. I released my new website in April only to have my web traffic just about completely stop and my google presence virtually disappear. I was getting lots of errors when i would do a google search for my store or any of the items that I carry. I did some research and by the grace of God found Martin at Constructive Roots. He took a close look at my Shopify store. and within a day or two called me back with a strategy to get me back on the search engine map. He gave me a few options, we discussed which option would be the best, and Martin implemented it. The best move I could have made !!! I am so happy with Martin and his team. I highly recommend them."

CK Kahlon - Gifts Ready to Go

"We employed 7 months of SEO services from Constructive Roots and we were very pleased with the service provided. Our keywords gained better rankings and the monthly reporting and communication was excellent throughout. Thank You Martin!"

Kenny Laskan - My Water Gallery

"Constructive Roots has been instrumental in helping us grow our new e-commerce business. They know everything there is to know about Shopify. They answer our calls promptly and efficiently, and they addresses all of our questions with acuity and expertise. We have found Constructive Roots to be an invaluable piece of our nascent internet presence and we know that they are one of the integral factors in our success. For example, we were hesitant to start a blog because we weren't sure how to optimize our daily writings with all of the tags, keywords, and meta-descriptions that are so necessary for online growth. Constructive Roots has helped us in this area immensely, demonstrating for us how a daily blog with original content can help us with our long-term growth in a way that almost nothing else can. Their emphasis on developing a content-driven site is one of the greatest tools that they has given us-- we do the daily work and over time, our growth will be immeasurable. In showing us how to grow slowly over the long-term by blogging, making connections with like-minded sites, back linking, creating original content, and joining various forums, they have given us the "secret" to breaking into the e-commerce world."

Janet Bresky - GWT Gift Baskets

"Constructive Roots is a professional and knowledgeable organization that can help any size business meet their objectives. We hired Constructive Roots primarily to increase sales through Search Engine Optimization. The Constructive Roots team was very patient and helped us set clear goals. The CR team met all the goals we set and then some. They have become a valuable resource for our business."

Carol Little - Snatch My Waist

"I am very pleased with Constructive Roots. I'm still working with them as I leave this testimonial. I'm almost afraid to stop lol. My Google Analytic numbers are through the roof. Sales are through the roof. Organic customer numbers are very high. I always get a call from Constructive Roots going over my site for the month. It's very detailed all questions are answered. I definitely made a great choice. SEO is so valuable. I'm SO PLEASED with my progress."

Marcel Torres - 2bmod

"Constructive Roots has proven to increase traffic and conversion rates for In just a few months we have gone from a few orders, to multiple orders daily. The CR Team has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable about our needs, not only meeting our expectations but going beyond those. A combination of tangible results, work ethic, and their excellent customer service is what makes this a success story. We highly recommend Constructive Roots and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship!"

Nina Forrest

"Constructive Roots has a wealth of knowledge about SEO and they are able to explain it clearly to non-technical folks. They give prompt, reliable customer service for any questions and problems. They also tailor the solutions to the customer."

Jennifer Kiesznoski - Kiesznoski Gallery

"Martin Masin at Constructive Roots has been great to work with, he has done an excellent job in setting up my Shopify store. He will go above and beyond to ensure you are a success. He has a passion for what he does and has been a great consultant. Martin will constantly monitor how thing are progressing and understands how to adjust key word searches to get more clicks on your site. What I have found most impressive is that the process of setting up my own Shopify store seemed a bit daunting and Martin came along and has made this as easy as possible and has offered priceless advice along the way."

Marc Jacobs

"I just started working with Constructive Roots and a few reasons why I went with them is their expert level of experience with Shopify. They were also quick to follow up with any questions; and they know what great customer service is all about. From the start, they explained SEO thoroughly and in away you can understand it."

Nick Rodriguez - Kratom Trading Co.

"We have contracted Constructive Roots to optimize our website We've been using them for three months now, and are very impressed with their services. They have customized a specific SEO strategy for our needs. We get monthly a monthly report from them showing the progress of our strategy, which is just fantastic to see.

We have already achieved page 1 for some very valuable keywords, and our organic search results reflect all the work they have done. We are seeing steady growth and gaining new customers all the time from their efforts. If we have questions with anything they make themselves available in a timely manner to provide us with the help we need. This company is well worth the money, and I would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to gain better results from search engines."

Shamus McNutt - VP Marketing - Belong Designs

"Constructive Roots are not only genius at their SEO implementation, but they are also a huge success on brand awareness. I would highly recommend Martin and his team! They take their SEO campaigns a step further and make it a personal relationship with their clients. I cannot say enough positive complements about this company!"

Kyle Morman - Vista Smog Check

"Constructive Roots has catapulted my website to the top of search rankings, and continues ensure it stays that way. I am 5 star satisfied."

Kathy Haskell

"Constructive Roots helped us problem solve and understand which SEO services our business needed. They clearly explained the tasks involved in our project and they communicated to us on a weekly basis. The CR Team is very reliable, and they are experts in their field. I will hire them again!"

Samantha Goldenhersh - The Tie Haberdashery

"Martin is a very personable, professional and assertive individual that works hard to make sure his customers see results. He is very knowledgeable about SEO and marketing, and will work with you and your needs."